MultiLevel is the #1 simulated bubble level for the iPhone/iPod Touch and has been featured in Apple's TV commercials worldwide.

MultiLevel is packed with features including,

  • 2 dimensional surface level view
  • Portrait bar level view
  • Landscape bar level view
  • Inclinometer view
  • Variable sonar sound on all views providing an audio indication of level
  • Localized for English, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and French languages

MultiLevel is sold exclusively at the Apple AppStore, click the button below to access it via iTunes.


BizSnap, a business card and receipt reader. BizSnap uses the camera on your mobile device to capture an image of business cards or receipts and uses cutting edge OCR to "read" the text on them.

BizSnap features include,

  • Create contacts one your device from scanned busines cards
  • Unlimited number of card and receipt snaps
  • Cuting edge OCR technology
  • E-mail captured receipt data along with the image
  • Free upgrades to minor releases

See BizSnap in Action Here


BreakMeter, a golf green break reader.

BreakMeter is a great aid in helping train your eye to read the slope on golf greens.

iBaby Maker

BabyMaker is a novelty app that uses advanced image processing to morph images of two people in to a baby's image.