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We provide software services covering nearly the entire spectrum of the software development cycle for a wide array of technologies and platforms. Whether it's as simple as implementing a single software component, or the analysis, design, implementation and deployment of an entire software system, iApps has the experience and know-how to get the job done.


Custom Application Development

iApps can make your app concept or idea a reality. Whether it's a software application for a smart phone, a browser based web application, a web service or a combination, we can make it happen. Our expert software architects and developers have been designing and implementing software for decades using a wide range of technologies.

If all you have is a concept with no concrete functional requirements, that's even better as it will allow iApps to brainstorm with you and your team to ensure the application maximally meets the needs of the target users. On the other hand, if you have all the requirements and you need a technology partner to develop the solution, we can do that too.

Contact us today regarding development of your custom software application! Or, if you just need help with a particular portion of developing a system, see our following list of specific development services.


Anlysis & Design Services

Service Offering Deliverable
Technical Requirements Analysis
  • Detailed Technical Requirements Document - This document describes the technologies that are to be used for the system and the reasoning behind each decision. It also defines any specific performance requirements the system must meet.


Functional Requirements Analysis
  • Detailed Functional Requirements Document - This document defines each function of the the functionality of the application.
  • GUI Mockup (if applicable) - The purpose of the mock up is to visually define the end application graphical user interface in terms of screen flow, data elements presented, and look and feel.
System Architecture Design
  • System-Level Architecture Design Document - This document defines the top-level hardware components required by the software system in terms of functional purpose, interface to other top-level system components, and the technologies employed by each.
Software Architecture Design
  • Software Architecture Design Document - This document defines the custom software components that are to be developed in terms of their place within the system architecture, interface(s) to other software components, functional scope, and data elements consumed and produced. It also defines the scalability and performance requirements of each software component.
Data Architecture Design
  • Data Flow Model - This document defines the structure of and the amount of data that flows between the system software components.
  • Logical Data Model - This document defines the logical structure of data repositories needed by the system.
Software Component Detailed Design
  • UML Static Object Models
  • UML Object Interaction Diagrams
  • Physical Data Entity Models


Coding & Implementation Services

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Testing & Deployment Services

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Staff Augmentation

For clients that need a specific technical skill set to augment their existing development team...