Teego Personal is 100% mechanical, there are no batteries required or electronic components. It eliminates the hassle of teeing up the golf ball and chasing down wooden tees after every hit while practicing. Teego Personal is easy to use; the golfer simply taps the release trigger with their club head to tee up another golf ball.

Features Golfer Benefits
  • One-touch triggering— Teego is easily triggered by a simple tap on the ball release trigger with the golf club.
  • Natural surface compatible— Teego can be used on natural grass surfaces with its specially designed tee holder (patent pending).
  • Quick-load ball magazine—Quick load ball magazine makes reloading Teego a snap.
  • Large capacity—Teego holds 150 golf balls, 75 in the ball magazine and 75 in the reserve container.
  • Portable—Teego is light-weight, very portable and can be taken with you to the range.
  • Durable—Teego is made of durable impact and heat resistant plastic.
  • Enables the golfer to engrain the “feeling” of good hits by allowing them to quickly hit multiple balls without changing position.
  • Allows the golfer to focus on their practice session without having the distraction of manually teeing up balls.
  • Quicker and more efficient practice sessions.
  • Less strain on the lower back since there is no need to bend over and tee up golf balls or retrieve them from a basket.
Golf Professional Benefits
  • Permits the student to maintain their body position shot after shot.
  • Frees the professional and student to focus on the instruction without distraction of teeing the ball.
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